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I have nothing to review. I have tried multiple times contacting them about an issue I am having trying to sign up. They want my DIRECTV email address. I don't have one. I sign on with a username. Maybe it's fate telling me it's not worth it

This app is HORRENDOUS. Barely ever works and says im not connected to the internet when I am or tells me I am in a restricted zone whatever that means. Every other sports streaming app actually manages to show me the games but this fox app could not be worse. I have been using it for years and it has not gotten better at all in that time. This app sucks and it probably always will

Every live game of soccer it freezes why cant this work nbc works perfect for live games its sad

Service has* gone out during every major event or bee to inconsistent to even tell what's happening during the event. Even lost service for a good portion of the super bowl.

This app has had terrible quality every time I've used it. Service hasn't gone out during every major event I've tried to watch including may UFC prelims and now the Super Bowl. How can service be this bad for so long. Do they even care?

This app is horrible, no matter what sport I watch, NHL, MLB, NFL it constantly freezes non stop, so frustrating and they seem to not care. I have no issues with any other sports app like ESPN NBC sports have no issues, get your shit together!

Would be nice if you could just purchase Fox Sports Go as an individual app purchase like Netflix without having to pay for cable TV or satellite

Waste of time. Loads 'headings' but no content. Worst they have an incompetent support staff who doesn't respond to issues. It's been months.

Circle of death

App will start but will not connect even when on wifi. Please fix!


See subject line. Also, bring back AirPlay support.

Terrible app

Why do I have to be connected to a wireless server? Other similar apps allow me to stream it over my data network. Lame.

Feeble attempt at delivering a functions app...

This piece of crOp is not worth downloading on an iPad. This app crashes every time I use it, sometimes immediately without even opening, but always before the end of the game. A common error message is "Video Download Error" usually right before the end of the game. I suspect FoxSports has a fixed time-end built into the app and it drops the feed and does not allow the game to be restarted. SHAME ON YOU, FS! It works better on an iPhone6, though it still crashes about half the time. I have the latest IOS on both devices. There is much app Dev and bug fixes to go before it is a viable app.

You broke AirPlay

I like the new layout of the app and it does seem more stable. But AirPlay is broken on my iPad Pro. There is no option to AirPlay within the app, and if I switch to AirPlay through control center, the video freezes up on my Apple TV or crashes the app. Please fix!

Dont bother downloading this app

I downloaded this app so I could watch the Copa America games... I saw two games then the app started crashing every time I opened it. Very disappointing, youd think a company like Fox could manage to produce a real app but I guess not. I will not be reinstalling this.

Constant crashes

Wont open consistently. I have to delete and reinstall and even this doesnt help.


App will not start. It use to work great. You would think fox might try to fix it

App wont open

Ive rebooted my iPad and reinstalled the app. It just crashes every time I try to open it. So its useless and I deleted the app

Its great.... At crashing

The app wont even open any more, even after a reset.

Wish it worked

When will you fix this app? The app never loads and when it does it never plays.

No Chromecast feature

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