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I have nothing to review. I have tried multiple times contacting them about an issue I am having trying to sign up. They want my DIRECTV email address. I don't have one. I sign on with a username. Maybe it's fate telling me it's not worth it

This app is HORRENDOUS. Barely ever works and says im not connected to the internet when I am or tells me I am in a restricted zone whatever that means. Every other sports streaming app actually manages to show me the games but this fox app could not be worse. I have been using it for years and it has not gotten better at all in that time. This app sucks and it probably always will

Every live game of soccer it freezes why cant this work nbc works perfect for live games its sad

Service has* gone out during every major event or bee to inconsistent to even tell what's happening during the event. Even lost service for a good portion of the super bowl.

This app has had terrible quality every time I've used it. Service hasn't gone out during every major event I've tried to watch including may UFC prelims and now the Super Bowl. How can service be this bad for so long. Do they even care?

This app is horrible, no matter what sport I watch, NHL, MLB, NFL it constantly freezes non stop, so frustrating and they seem to not care. I have no issues with any other sports app like ESPN NBC sports have no issues, get your shit together!

Would be nice if you could just purchase Fox Sports Go as an individual app purchase like Netflix without having to pay for cable TV or satellite

Waste of time. Loads 'headings' but no content. Worst they have an incompetent support staff who doesn't respond to issues. It's been months.

Pathetic. AirPlay was removed.

Who had the bright idea to remove AirPlay support? Just lost a viewer.

Always crashes

Cant watch one second of copa America. App keeps crashing upon opening. Unacceptable but it is what Ive come to expect from fox sports.

Needs lots of still

This app is not new. However, it still suffers from problems that a new app would have. Very flakey streaming. Never remembers credentials for my provider. Craps out during every game at least once. Common guys

Just awful

Want to watch ufc prelims and all I get is location required errors. Location is enabled in general and also for the app. All other location based apps work fine. Terrible.

WatchESPN is so much better

FOX Sports Go app only allows live streaming - No rewind, FF, and worst of all, no replays of any content at all! WatchESPN allows all of the above. Disappointed in FOX for releasing a half-hearted streaming app.

Doesnt work

Why even have an app that doesnt work for 99% of the users? It crashes and rarely works. If you have a 1.5 star rating remove the app fix it and quit wasting peoples time.

Horrendous app

This app constantly crashes, freezes, fails to load live sport. I understand its free with a cable subscription but it simply doesnt work as a companion app as advertised. Would love to see them fix the multiple bugs currently running rampant Would also like to see the following additions as they are currently not available in the app (while their competitors ESPN and NBC do have these features): - Apple TV app (currently not available) - on demand services. With bug fixes, adding on demand services, and developing an Apple TV app, Fox Sports would finally put themselves on the same level as their competitors but right now they are almost laughably far behind.


Im missing the copa America because this app always has issues. FIX IT!

App Fails to Deliver

I deleted the app this week because it no longer shows the soccer games that my provider (Uverse) has access to. I can see the games through the desktop website, but the app doesnt even give me an option to stream it. Very disappointed.

Unable to access

It says unable to access when I try to log into my dish account! Very annoying! I just want to watch the race!! Please fix

Dont even get fsw

This is whack I have tmc and cant even watch fox sports west on here.....

Working so far

I must be lucky...AirPlay is working to my Apple TV. It should be a stand-alone app instead of requiring cable.

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