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App doesnt work

App does not work! It was working until it was updated. After update, I get nothing but error messages. USELESS


Does not let me log in. Makes no sense.

App doesnt work

App does not work! It was working until it was updated. After update, I get nothing but error messages. USELESS

Froze and black screen

I cant watch any videos in this only shows me black screen....

Not working

You do know this app hasn’t worked in over a month??? Horrible app

Best sports app by far for iPad

Ive never reviewed an app but I had to thank you guys.. I've always had ESPN and nbc sports apps and have no liked many features you guys took everything I didn't like and fixed it. You can replay all events and not have commercials, you can fast forward or rewind, you have clips and you can start at beginning or live viewing (ESPN can't fast forward, deletes most their shows day after) (NBC too many commercials and not a lot of replay options) Best sports app ever thank you now get some more important sports events so I only have to watch you guys thanks

Great but Limited

The app is a great app. It has a variety of sports and live events to watch. But it’s confusing when there are two different FOX Sports apps and it can be slow sometimes.


This is a terrible app! It’s sad how bad this app is from such a big company

Fox Sports Don’t Go

The app has potential but needs work. The commercials throw the live feed out of whack. Because then after the app constantly causes the on-screen control panel to pop up randomly over and over. Which then causes the once perfect feed to go haywire. With audio hiccups, freezing, re-looping of the same 5 second clip over & over and other assorted glitches.

Fails more often than it works

Downloaded it to watch the World Cup, it wasn’t easy. First week I could stream from my phone to TV, next week he stream button was gone. Week after that it worked on Android, then gone. Streamed from a PC browser during the downtime, but then Firefox stopped and only Chrome worked. Worthless damned service and app.

Terrible app

It crashes and many videos just play a black screen.

Kind of

This app is very good but I wish can watch games from a long time ago not only live videos can u PLEASE CHANGE THAT OR IM GONNA DELETE THE APP

App is trash

On Apple TV you have to login to your tv provider EVERY TIME. The app is unstable and requires constant logins on iPhone too. Fix your trash app. Pitiful way to present the World Cup!


App is great only problem is when I screen mirror to my Sony XBR TV it doesn’t go full screen it leaves like two inches on the right side and an inch on the bottom of the tv black

Unable to Sign In

App incapable of allowing sign in to my Verizon Fios account. Despite having access to this content, the app wants me to purchase a new Verizon plan in order to view content in the app. No way to refresh or go back and stay signed in for the app to register the fact that I already have a full Verizon subscription. Garbage app, terrible product. An embarrassment to humanity.


After signing into network provider, it doesn’t show content. Terrible app

Missed the World Cup

I wanted to watch the World Cup so badly and I set the whole thing up. Finally the time has come and now, I woke up early not to watch the World Cup, but to realize what a bad app this is. The live game just won’t show up. I guess I’ll have to wait another four years. I tried the soccer app and that won’t work either. A complete scam.


Tried to watch the World Cup yesterday and the live video did not play, or the other videos.

Worst app ever

This app is terrible. Can’t even watch a whole game without it freezing.

Worst streaming app

By far the worst streaming app I’ve ever used. It failed miserably especially when I really needed it (World Cup). The app works 1 time out of 10 and when it does, the resolution is horrendous and not watchable. I usually have 3-4 bars LTE and most of the time I’m connected to my WiFi at 200/300 mb/s and have been using an iPhone 8 so there is no room to blame anything else but the incomplete and incompetent app. DO NOT RECOMMEND

Doesn’t work with ATT U-verse

Trying to watch the Tigers v. Astros and no luck. Wish I could watch it on the U-verse app. Bad deal here.

Use it everyday

I love this app. My go to for Angels games.

Where did it go????

In the last two to three weeks the FOX SPORTS GO app has left the building. I watch baseball on an iPhone. About every 15 minutes the control screen pops up(start over, resume live, go back/forward 10 sec, pause/start button, volume setting). At the same time the screen darkens so the game activity can barely be seen. If I touch the screen then it freezes the action, but the audio continues or it stops too. Tapping the pause/play button in the center of the screen does nothing to resume the action. Close it out and wait for it to warm up again, then wait for the game I was watching to fully open, taking 2-5 minutes. Doing all this I miss the game action while I am trying to get back to the game. Then other times the video gets so blurred that I can barely make out the human figures. That goes on for different amounts of time. I have sent about a half dozen emails to iPhone support with as much detail I can think of that might help them ID the problem. THE ONLY RESPONSE IN A WEEK HAVE BEEN THEM ASKING ME FOR 2 PIECES OF INFO. IHAVE ASKED FOR SOME KIND OF RESPONSE. NOTHING. THIS IS THE ONLY SPORTS APP THAT I HAVE SO MUCH TROUBLE TRYING GO WATCH A SPORTS EVENT. Like I told them I have another FOX app that I have no problems with.

Minecraft World Cup on Fox Sports Go

Horribly pixilated watching the World Cup semifinal. Thought Harry Kane was building a trench not dribbling a soccer ball. Only time the video quality was satisfactory was when there was no action and players were standing around.

Why does this never work?

Can someone please fix this stupid app so I can watch the game?

Everyone is trippin

This app is lit. I have had no issues. Watching Croatia v England right now outside in a park and the connection is fire. fast and doesn’t refresh that often. Maybe ppl who have issues has something to do with your cell services? Love this app. Reliable af! :-)

Not good

I couldn’t even sign into DirecTv to watch the World Cup because it said the correct email was wrong.

Broken During WC Match!

Only reason I downloaded this app was to watch World Cup and it’s broken. Currently missing the France Belgium match. If I could give it three stars I would!

Terrible app

With all the money fox has they really should have a better app than this. Pathetic.

Muy bueno

I write about one review every 2-3 years, but this free app is so good that I felt compelled to write one. The video quality is almost always HD with far less buffering than competitors, I’m not asked to constantly sign in, you don’t reveal the scores on the homepage, and you give users the ability to watch live or start from the beginning. Sometimes the app will get stuck and say warming up, which is frustrating, but a vast majority of the time it is great.

Pretty decent sports app

If you have a cable or online tv account, it’s pretty easy to set up and watch sports. Biggest gripe I have is that the commercial breaks have the volume jacked up waaaaay to loud. Would give an extra star if that would be fixed.


Wouldn’t even let me sign on or create an account. It froze. Sports offered looked terrible anyway. Ended up deleting the app.

Needs work

Newest update crashes a lot video quality is poor and freezes a lot and no longer has the option for casting

Doesn’t work on iPhone 6

All it does is say “there’s no live action” but on my iPad I can watch the Red Sox. Happening all season! Very disappointing


Can hardly ever get it to work, so what’s the point? Just black screens, doesn’t load anything, and is pointless.

Works but bad for sports fans

For the 99% of Americans that work during the World Cup and come home to watch the games, this app is terrible because it spoils the games before you watch them.

Very buggy

This app throws up errors when you sign in and gives you unresponsive black screens. Needs some work developers.

Chromecast always go to live. Can’t fast forward for reverse

Chromecast always go to live. Can’t fast forward for reverse when chrome casting. Very buggy app

U need to be a cable subscriber...they should say so on FireTV app

Wasted time downloading because in the FireTV “about” page there is nothing that says you must be a current cable subscriber.

World cup

I have been watching the world cup using this app and the Apple TV one. Flawless so far. Great work and kudos to the team that builds this app!

Loud Commercials

Why are the commercials twice as loud as the broadcast?? That’s my only gripe, otherwise it’s great, the only way I watch baseball anymore

Cant log in

Keeps giving white screen with "cant create registered session to log in". Worthless app

Garbage app is garbage*

*see title

Complete joke of an app

I can’t even watch any sports. It took me forever just to sign in and get everything right and when I finally get in, I can’t even watch anything. Total joke.


Actually doesn’t work. Won’t let me watch anything but tells me I am authorized to watch. Thanks for the garbage Fox Sports

Hot garbage

Never been able to get this app to work.

World Cup not all matches

False advertising as I have all channels and the app isn’t playing today’s France match or the Switzerland the other day. Disappointed in fox for the deception

So far so good!

This App has been working wonderfully and has allowed me to watch the World Cup while being on the road. Thanks Fox!

Who does this work for?

The only way to watch the World Cup and the app never loads. Logs me out and won’t allow me to log back in. Super disappointing and now wasting my money because I have to go to a bar to see the matches.


I it 20 times a game and fios isn’t even available in my area

Forget watching highlights

This is really a poor app. 75% of the highlight films don’t work at all. The app crashes a lot. And even when you finally get a live match to play you never know when the app will just quit working!

ad blocks video WHEN IM A SUBSCRIBER

just trying to watch the World Cup, but in 2018 it’s too much to ask of fox to create a functional app. In the beginning of the wc video there is a *#%!?% Budweiser video ad that takes up the whole screen and I got locked into the ad where it was asking for my birthday/DOB and could not exit out. only option was to close the app and re-launch it trash. after World Cup I’m ditching this app, thankfully I’m using a friends login and password as i would never support / subscribe to an app like this

Link to tv providers broken

I’d love to watch World Cup soccer replays. Can I? No because you people messed up the log-in for tv providers. Totally broken. Stuck on “loading.” I have location services active. I have followed every step needed for xfinity. How hard is it to write the simple code needed to make this work?

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