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App doesnt work

App does not work! It was working until it was updated. After update, I get nothing but error messages. USELESS


Does not let me log in. Makes no sense.

App doesnt work

App does not work! It was working until it was updated. After update, I get nothing but error messages. USELESS

Fox sports go

All is well, works fine.

Programming Options

Excellent programming but weak on daily quantities & choices.

Stopped working

I have been using the app for about a year and a half and it has been great, about a week ago it started telling me I need to turn on location services but when I go to settings and location it won’t allow me to change it. Not sure if this is IPad issue or Fox Sports Go issue but I havent been able to use. Other apps like ESPN aren’t having same issue, they still work fine.

Worst sports app there is

I don’t know what monkeys are running this app but they definitely do not know what they are doing. This app never works

Best sports streamer

Best i’ve used. Clear navigation. Few stream delays. AND let’s you start from beginning or go back while live! Excellent

It doesn’t even work

It doesn’t even list the games that I know are playing on it. That’s when it even opens. Usually it just spins and spins while you watch a warming up screen until you just give up. I guess Fox are more focused on election smearing at this time of year and have diverted anyone who is capable of getting this waste of my hard drive working to their news site. Because there is no way in hell they could have released this to the public as a working product. Just go beat your head against the wall instead.

Works great!

Love this app!

Won’t work with Directv



I’m in the middle of watching a 1-1 game in the 7th, and the and the app crashes. Now I can’t watch the rest of the game because it’s over and it won’t allow it to be replayed. BS.

Loops and skips - almost unbearable

Works fine on mobile device but when streaming to Chromecast the video keeps repeating. Plays 20 seconds then skips back 10 seconds and repeats. Then plays 1 min before it repeats. Then 30 sec, 10 sec, 90 sec, etc. then it will skip ahead to catch up. So annoying it is almost unwatchable. I’ve watched one game with no problems but the other 20 games I’ve watched over many months all have the problem. At times it seems to buffer a lot but not too often. Chromecast device registers 70 Mbps connection so that isn’t a factor. Have reinstalled app and spent hours playing with settings on Chromecast, router, and app with no luck.

On the GO!

In the car (passenger), at a restaurant, or in bed while your wife sleeps! It’s great and streaming is smooth! And, no, they did not pay me to say this!!!! Sincerely, it’s a great app.

Grandma Mary

I love the Fox Sports Go App. It lets me put reminders for all of the baseball games I want to watch & I’ve never had an issue watching it on my phone or iPad.



The best streaming sports app

Technically head and shoulders above the rest - high quality smooth streaming even without the highest bandwidth and doesn’t become sluggish over time, can be interrupted without crashing or other performance issues, can be viewed from the beginning or live, doesn’t force you to watch the same ad just because you were forced to restart the app ... what more can you want ? If only all video streaming apps were this good! Have used TBS, NFL, ESPN, CBS for various sports, all lackluster in one way or another.

So far....

I’ve only subscribed for a short time, but so far I have had no problems & I have no complaints.

Fox sports go

Good app. The only thing I don’t like is I can’t put on hold if needed.

Fox sports lost me

I can’t even open the app anymore because it says it can’t verify my account. Not only on my phone but my computer and Xbox won’t log in despite resetting them and multiple failed attempts to keep using it. It just don’t work anymore.

The best

I love the feature to be able to start from the beginning if I started the game late. Plus I don’t get hammered with commercials like nbc sports. Please don’t change.

Won’t allow Directv login

Absolute joke that it doesn’t allow my directv login because my account is synced with my att account.

Fox Sports App

Really good stuff

Brewers vs Dodgers

We are in a cabin without tv service and the playoffs are not to be seen! Alas, this app saved the day! Go Brew Crew!!

Great app

I like it a lot for sports

Waste of time if you want FOX SUN SPORT

I don’t live in Florida anymore but still follow Florida sports teams. This app advertises that it will play FOX SUN SPORTS. It does not! Fix this and I will re-rate the app.


It just works!

Casting does not work!!!

No casting available. Terrible.

Not Casting to Vizio

We use to be able to cast NHL games to our tv through the App. My husband and I upgraded to the iPhone XS and haven’t had the option. We were then logging in through the website for the first few games and now the cast icon has disappeared yet again. Is this an App development issue or an iOS issue?

No longer works for Dish Flex pack

I subscribe to dish network and had the 2nd tier which gave me Fox Sports Detroit. The app worked fine and gave me my local sports programs including Tigers & Wings. To save money I switched to flex pack plus regional sports add on. Now when I log in I cannot get my regional sports teams. Fox Go says that I am not subscribed, although I can watch the games on my tv. Pretty useless if it doesnt keep up with the changing satellite packages

Great app...!

never fails...! Ready to watch my sports wherever I am..!

Best sports app/network

Use it for all my Michigan based teams. Love the live streaming and always have to get my Cowherd fix. If you’re a sports fan, this is a must have app.


Won’t even let me sign into my direct tv account so it’s useless to me

Used to work

Now all I get is a message that the app can’t confirm I am in the United States. Location services are turned on and I am traveling in Colorado. Last I knew, Colorado was part of the United States. Have been experiencing this problem for weeks.


It’s the best app around

Outlandish amount of commercials

I just so happened to pause my sport game and come back to it at a later time. Once I clicked play (now about 2 hours behind live TV) it began to play commercials. 10 minutes later, it was still playing ads. So at this point I decided, “well I have the time, so I might as well write a review on how awful this app/platform is for watching television on.” You can get a similar experience by searching “tv advertisement compilations” on YouTube and watching that. It is now about 15 minutes since I’ve clicked play and I’m beginning to question whether my game will even come back on. Next time I will just use a reddit stream to watch my game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

USWNT not listed

When asked for my team, it didnt have USWNT for soccer. 1 star.

Works Great Except When You Want It To

Works great sometimes. Seems to have some problems and those problems always surface at the time you want to watch something

Great Experience

Super easy to use and great quality streaming. What’s not to love?

Casting not available

It would be nice if I could cast the program I am watching to my TV like the ESPN app does. Other than that the app is okay.

Fox sports

I enjoy watching sports on fox no complaints

Total Garbage

This app is complete trash. Reddit streaming sites are more reliable. The stream is well behind the simulcast and has to be re-loaded almost twice in every inning during the MLB play offs so far. You'd think with all the money Fox has they'd produce an app that is at the least, functional. This is hot garbage and I wouldn't suggest anyone wasting their time on it, period.



Hot garbage

If you’re trying to watch sports, this app is straight garbage. It back tracks about 10 seconds then skips 30 seconds constantly throughout each game. You’d think Fox would have a better product


Works nearly flawlessly! Designed for a User Friendly Experience. Only reason for 4 stars vs. 5 stars is hangups getting the App to hook up with your TV provider. Once that bump is hurdled, the App is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Somehow a 1 star means they are still the best sports streaming app

Is it so hard to not have glitches where a full minute of content immediately jumps things to live TV. Seriously, I understand that live streaming is more difficult than Netflix et. al but these sports networks seriously need to step in up.

Great app

Always get my games but wish I got out of state games also. Like in other states.

Great App

Slow sometimes but it always gets you to your game of interest. This is a wonderful app, I would like to see a few more women college basketball games.

Unacceptable levels of macro blocking

When it works, it’s good but, simply put, whoever engineered this is allowing unacceptable levels of macroblocking. To the app developers: I shouldn’t have to watch a bunch of indecipherable squares moving around the screen. Either let the video build up a slight buffer, use better encoding/decoding algorithms, or stop play. I mean seriously what is the point of watching the video if it looks like a drunken Picasso painting.

Best app

It’s one of the best sports apps out there!

Works for me

Always dose what I need it to do to get my fix, have not had any trouble from this app yet.

Astros fan

Works great from phone to tv

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