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App doesnt work

App does not work! It was working until it was updated. After update, I get nothing but error messages. USELESS


Does not let me log in. Makes no sense.

App doesnt work

App does not work! It was working until it was updated. After update, I get nothing but error messages. USELESS

This app does not work for iOS!!

Avoid wasting your time downloading this garbage app if you have ios! It simply will not load or work. Recently updated to iOS 11 and it still won’t work. Will be deleting this app for the last time and never downloading again!

Simple to use, Fun to watch

Sports viewing at your fingertips, with great variety to select.


This streams are so inconsistent on my phone and the app more or less crashes or freezes anytime I try to project it onto my tv via chromecast. I don’t see how it can be that difficult for fox to invest some money into an app that works. This app has shown absolutely 0 improvement since I started using it 3ish years ago. You’re better off streaming from reddit or just not watching than trying to make this app work.

No content

For the past week there has been no content on the app! Sort it out!


It's great

Works well!!

I’m on the go a lot and I love to watch Monster Energy Supercross, this app works very well for that!!!

Not keeping favorites

When you setup favorites on an iPhone X it won’t keep them. Just keeps reverting back to none chosen. Please fix this because I’ve enjoyed this app in the past but now it’s useless.


This app is trash. By far the worst quality live tv app out. You can’t get through any show or event without it skipping ‘ freezing or getting super blurry. EVERY single time I use it it does all 3 of those things. I will no longer use it I till they fix this trash!!


What happened to NASCAR? Love watching it on my phone/iPad


This app is the worst app I have ever seen!


Why must I log in to this app constantly?! Why can’t it seem to stay logged in like every other app manages to? It is endlessly annoying that nearly every time I want to watch a game, whether it’s on my iPad or one of my Apple TV’s, I need to login again. The app is decent otherwise, but the constant annoyance of logging on again to watch a game prevents me from rating this app highly.

The worst

Cannot get it to work. I feel like they had to put in extra effort to make such a terrible app.


The app automatically doesn’t let me log Into my account. If I click Verizon it uses a previously entered account. I can’t log out of that one and enter a new one

Better than nothing

I’m grateful for this app I see programs on the go that I would ever and watch later. Sometimes like tonight I’m steaming a program. It will show the same thing over and over maybe four times. The same commercial will play three times back to back My download speed is awesome 120mps should not be the issue Knowing fox they will sort it out

Skips around way too much

Your app can't decide what it wants to do. It will be at point in a broadcast, then skip back 5-30 seconds instead of buffering. It is very frustrating when watching a live event. Please address this. This happens when I am casting to chrome cast. Does not appear to happen when watching directly on my phone.

Constantly Loops

I’ve had this app for years and it never works properly. It constantly loops my stream so I can’t fully feel engaged in the game I am watching. Hopefully they can fix it at some point

Fox Sports Go

I love it

Booo terrible

Complete TRASH!!!!!!! Constantly freezes, and poor quality video I know it’s not my internet because everything else works fine... the website is even worse!!👎👎

Asks to re-enter your credentials nearly every week

Incredibly annoying. NBCsports asks you less than once a moth, a much better frequency.


So far so good

Cox sign in

Can’t sign in with cox account from either fox sports app. Just says I’m authorized without any sign in. But still doesn’t work. Garbage.

Terrible With Chromecast

The content is great, but I just can’t give it a favorable review. When I try to stream the app to my TV with chromecast it jumps and skips back and forth. It’s incredibly frustrating. I don’t have this problem with ESPN or NBC Sports apps.

WORST STREAMING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The single worst streaming app ive ever used! I hate hate hate this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its absolutely terrible. It barely streams, you have to log in/out multiple times just to watch a single game. It freezes and then tries to catch up by running the game at 2x speed, if it restarts at all. If there was any other way at all to watch nhl, I would do so in a heatbeat,


Won’t connect with my cable provider. Says it has but then gives an error message.

Good app

Enjoy watching sports available to me via this app.

Annoying Stream

I’ve used this app on my iPad with several different WiFi networks. In every situation, the stream is choppy and goes through “rewinds” every minute or two where a segment (5 or 10 seconds long) will repeat. This happens during games as well as commercials. Very annoying.

Good app

App seems to work well. No complaints.

App never works

Why can’t you make an app that works?!? Every time I re-download this app in hopes it will work, it never does. I’m always faced with error messages when trying to sign in with my TV provider. The first time I downloaded the app it worked for a few weeks before crashing every time I tried to watch a game. Idk what’s wrong with your developers, but they’re terrible!


The best sports app, HD QUALITY, forgot espn fox sports is the way to go ! Awesome work guys!!


Fix your f*cking streaming! It skips to the point of infuriation. I’m in the process of reaching out to NBCsports to take over all of your soccer programming.

Game jumps forward then back then forward again

This is hands down the worst sporting app to cast a game. When watching basketball I see the same play 3 times. It’s a huge waste of time. Need major bug fixes!!!!!

Better than ESPN

Much better than ESPNs app, especially for soccer fans. Only reason I give it three stars is because my phone broke, I downloaded the app on my new phone and the app won’t save my favorite teams now. Fix that and it’ll be five stars 👍🏻



Could be great except for

The skipping back and forth on Chromecast. Like other users have said it will skip forward and backward about 30 seconds countless times through a game which is quite frustrating. Literally the only issue I’ve run into but one that cannot go unnoticed or ignored.

No Replay

Layout is horrible, not comfortable to look at. Different size tiles and such, keep your eyes wandering to much, like a bad webpage thats hard to read. We need nice list similar to the NBC Sports and ESPN apps No replays option, i travel often and would like to watch an event after it airs live. No option to do that, which in turns makes this app useless for most. Other sporting apps have the “replays” of all there content. Its a great feature

Very poor.

Information is either woefully late or incorrectly categorized. Overall unreliable.


Why do I need a cable company provider to watch a broadcast tv station? That’s stupid as hell. DELETED.


While watching the Daytona 500 the app keeps glitching and repeating.

4 stars undisputed!



Anyone else having a problem when opening the app that it doesn’t show anything? Only thing showing is the top banner.

Why only live

Please fix it so some of us that work away from home can watch a sporting event whenever we have time too. Some of us can’t watch it live


ESPN app works beautifully compared to this crap, and that’s saying something

Game running late can’t watch scheduled game

When a game runs late you are unable to watch the scheduled game on the app. This is basic functionality that needs to be implemented.

Undisputed is

By far my favorite sports channel and app and a big part of the is because Shannon and skip I can't get enough of it, I like undisputed more than anything on Comcast sports net and any espn channel it's actually my favorite show on tv other than flash arrow dc legends and supergirl but other then this super hero shows undisputed is my favorite but a show that's not about super-heros undisputed is number one Shannon if you see this you're a great person on and off the field and you're hilarious bustin up skip give a brotha a shout out 💯

Useless don’t bother

I’ve downloaded it multiple times, logged in with my service provider and the App keeps telling me it couldn’t create a registered session. What a waste of time. Wish I could give it 0 stars.

Doesn’t work at all

Nothing shows up, no events at all

Foxsports app

Great app!!! 5 stars.

Plague of Commercials

Too many commercials I make a point of NEVER buying anything that shoves ads down my throat.

Fox to go does not work

Cut off in the middle of Westminster judging. Terrible app

Blank screen and no search

I read that the Westminster was being shown on Fox Sports Go so I downloaded the app. When opened you have to sign in with provider which I did. I got an error message and then nothing. There is no schedule, no search function and no instructions as to how to continue. Badly organized app.

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